Cook Stars is the award-winning cookery school that comes to you!

What we do:

We work with schools across the UK delivering cookery sessions led by our team of experienced class leaders.

We can visit your school to deliver first class fun interactive sessions. Children are taught in a fun informal way and learn important life skills that will put them in good stead for life.

Cook Stars offers practical cookery lessons where each pupil participates to create their very own dishes from scratch. We offer two types of classes:
1. Oven Sessions - where all recipes are cooked in an oven. These are ideal for younger children. We can provide portable ovens if required.
2. Hob Sessions - if you have cookery room facilities, these sessions are ideal for older children.

The types of sessions we can offer:

We can hold a one-off session with a single group, on-going weekly sessions (during school hours or as an after school club) or we can see the whole school over a series of days.

Our sessions can be tailor-made to fit in with specific themes or requirements or could help support your teachers whilst they fulfil their PPA commitments.

What each session involves:

Our sessions are filled with good food, friendly informative teaching and plenty of hands-on experience. Typically a class has up to 14 children and lasts 75 minutes. Each child is provided with their own workstation as well as an apron, all ingredients and equipment to create their dish.

Whilst the dishes are cooking, children are kept engaged with a craft activity to keep them entertained for the entire session. All dishes are packaged up at the end of the session and everyone is provided with a recipe card to take home along with their dish.

Qualified and trained staff:

A member of Cook Stars will always carry out a site visit risk assessment prior to agreement. All Cook Stars staff are DBS checked, First Aid and Food Hygiene 2 certified and all hold Public Liability Insurance. All Cook Stars branches are 5-star rated by the Food Standards Agency.

Please note, pupils safety is of paramount importance and children do not put food in, or remove food from the oven at our oven based classes. If your school does not have oven facilities we can provide portable ovens, or can prepare dishes which children can take home to cook if you would prefer.

The benefits of our classes:

Cooking provides health, social and educational benefits. We believe that children should have the opportunity to learn to cook so that they can make good food choices and look forward to a healthier future.

Children work both independently and in teams at our sessions, which can build their confidence and communication skills. The atmosphere is fun, challenging and inspiring. Cooking combines other elements of learning such as science, literacy, maths, geography and languages. Our pupils have so much fun they don't even realise they're learning!

What you need to do:

Our sessions can be wholly self-contained that require the minimal of time, effort or involvement on the teacher's part. Once we've agreed with you which sessions you want, you can leave the rest entirely in our hands.

All we require is space from which to run our classes along with tables (eg. school hall or class room).

We will:

• Provide information for your school to inform parents / children about our classes.
• Provide an online booking and payment system so the school do not need to be involved with the admin to get set up.
• Supply all food and ingredients and cater for dietary requirements where possible.
• Set up the hall / room, ready for the children's arrival. All we require are tables and chairs.
• Supply all equipment and utensils needed to prepare the dish.
• Provide an apron for each pupil.
• Supply attractive, wipeable, easy-to-follow recipe cards for the pupils to take home along with their dish.
• Deliver sessions to the agreed schedule.
• Provide containers/ packaging for pupils to take their dish home.
• Remove all equipment and refuse at the end of the session and leave the room clean, tidy and ready for re-use.

Pricing, Funding and grants:

We work in partnership with schools in a variety of ways to fulfil the schools aims. Cook Stars can help you actively engage with your pupils by offering a range of services.

Please speak to your local class leader for pricing - this will vary depending on the type of class we provide you with. All of our sessions are very good value and we will work with you to provide a cost effective solution.

Our sessions encompass many of the aims of government funded projects and fulfil many of their criteria through our range of services.
We have worked with many schools who have been eligible for funding / grants and will be happy to discuss this with you.

Get in touch to learn more:

Memorable, engaging and affordable, our sessions are designed to encourage a healthy appetite for learning. We'd love to chat to you about your requirement.

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