Cook Stars Academy (Age 11-17)

Cook Stars Academy (Age 11-17)

Cookery classes for older children and teenagers (age 11-17).

All ingredients and equipment are provided along with refreshments and a recipe card to take home. We teach a huge array of amazing main courses and delicious puddings - all cooked fresh and from scratch.

Our hands on practical classes teach a variety of techniques and build confidence in the kitchen week on week. We like to make it easy for our young learners to simply come along and enjoy cooking.

We provide everything they need so they can simply book in, turn up, grab an apron and get stuck in! Everyone makes their own dish from scratch, and there is something different and delicious on the menu each week.

Cook Stars Academy (Age 11-17)

What will we cook?
Every week we cook something different with a mixture of main courses and puddings. We cook a great variety of foods, for example Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Mexican dishes as well as pies, cakes and puddings. These meals serve at least 2 people.

How long is the class and what can I expect?
Our classes are 1 hour 45 minutes long. We run small classes to be able to give each person a great amount of help and support. We encourage everyone to work independently, however we tutor as a group so everyone works at the same pace and no one gets left behind! Everyone has their own work station and preps and cooks their own ingredients to create their own dish.

Our classes are relaxed, friendly and fun and because of that encourage a love of cooking and good food.