Franchising with Cook Stars

About us

Cook Stars began after a moment of unexpected inspiration! At the time I was juggling being a working mum whilst working in a stressful management role. I have always enjoyed the challenge of working but struggled to maintain the elusive 'work life balance'. I longed for a career where I could be my own boss, spend more quality time with my husband and three lovely children (who always seem to be growing up too quickly!) combined with doing something that I loved.

I have my (then 5 year old) daughter Lily to thank for the idea of Cook Stars! Whilst enjoying cooking together one day, Lily suggested that I should teach other children to cook. That simple moment changed everything and within days I was on a mission! It took a lot of hard work, time and research but I worked to put all my ideas together and created classes that allow children freedom to explore new foods, learn important life skills and have good fun getting messy in the process! I took time to develop a flexible business that fits in with my family and have created a system of teaching children how to cook in a relaxed enjoyable way.

My children have always been encouraged in the kitchen from a very young age and also find cooking great fun! They share my passion for new recipes and eat an amazing variety of foods and are fast becoming very capable in the kitchen. It's very rewarding to see other children happily enjoying cooking too.

The passion that is at the heart of Cook Stars has already inspired many children and parents and has proved extremely popular. The demand was such that I wanted to share with other people the chance to run their own successful and rewarding business.

Cathy Harding (Founder of Cook Stars)