Hear from our franchisees

Jane - Cook Stars Craven and Ilkley


Cook Stars has changed my life!

Since starting only 6 months ago I have learnt so much about running my own business, without the back up and support from Cathy and Faye it would have been so much harder. They are very supportive and knowledgeable and if they didn't know they would find out.

I love running the classes, workshops and parties. They are why I took that leap from my old job to Cook Stars. Working with children has always been something I want to do and to be able to continue this with one of my hobbies of cooking has been perfect. Everything is so organised from your weekly cooking lessons, the holiday workshops, how to advertise them including the necessary designs.

From initially wanting to run just classes and workshops I have found that a range of doors have opened that weren't expected or even though of by me. I am involved in home educating children, special needs groups, food festivals and schools.

Being my own boss means I can take it where I want it to go and decide on what I work so still getting that work/life balance around my children's lives.