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Our online classes simply work much better for some people!

Our online classes simply work much better for some people!

Thursday 10th September 2020

I didn't think it would work but it does....... and more to the point I didn't ever think I
would be hosting cooking sessions from my kitchen to your kitchen via Zoom but we've
really realised something during these last few months. Our online classes simply
work much better for some people!

Some children and parents prefer to be at home, for some parents it's hard to get to
class when they are juggling other children and commitments. Our face to face classes
are fully inclusive, but for some children cooking from home is more practical. Maybe
you're not feeling confident enough to return to face to face classes yet, but don't want
your children to miss out! Whatever the reason Cook Stars can help!

If you have older children they can develop confidence in their own kitchen by following
the step by step class, taught by an experienced Home Economics teacher, who will
ensure that they learn the correct techniques and learn to cook safely and hygienically
at the same time. You can free up some time for you or if you're working from home you
can be confident that your children aren't burning the house down or creating chaos in
the kitchen as we always clean as we go!

For those with younger children there's nothing better than cooking together and seeing
the delight upon their faces when they have made something which tastes delicious!
Having a different voice for them to listen to allows them to develop their ability to follow
instructions and learn to cook.

Feeling a bit unsure about being on camera. Don't worry. Stick me on your table top,
press the button to join the live class and you don't have to be seen or heard. Everyone
is muted whilst we cook, unless they have a question, so everyone can clearly hear the
instructions. We communicate a lot using the thumbs up! Some people cook with the
camera on what they are doing whilst others prefer a partial view. Anything goes! I'm not
there to judge you or your kitchen. It's all about the food and making cooking enjoyable
and fun!

Worried you won't have the right cooking equipment and how do you know what
ingredients you need? When you book the online session you will be sent the shopping
list and a list of equipment so you will be prepared and organised. Most of the recipes
are easily adapted for vegetarians and special diets and ingredients can be substituted if
there are foods you don't like. There is always a way around. Just ask!

Here's a parent's review about the online classes.
"I honestly wasn't sure how it would go but it went brilliant! Annette was an amazing
teacher (she is an ex-teacher and you can tell an amazing one) and in 1.5 hours the
kids made lemon drizzle cakes, cheese and pesto scones, cherry shortbread and

We are continuing with our online classes from September, so if online classes work for
you - we can't wait to welcome you!

You can book using this link: