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Dare to look...


21st February 2016


Got that Sunday 'back to work' feeling? Not me! No one likes a show off but I am going to shout it from the roof tops I BLOODY LOVE MY JOB!!! Smug, me? Oh yes - and proud of it!

I love my job because I am the founder of Cook Stars. It's like my 4th baby (but less noisy that the 3 real ones). I built it from nothing but an idea - the best idea!

As all entrepreneurs will testify, building your own company challenges you, excites you, terrifies you and often consumes you. I have learnt so much about business, people and especially about myself.

Starting a business from scratch is not for the faint hearted, in fact I wouldn't recommend it! You need a good dollop of crazy, a huge portion of conviction and a constant sprinkling of belief. You need an unshatterable determination and fight and an unwavering ability to pick yourself (and those big balls!) up.

So has it all been worth it? Y.E.S!! Completely ....but I wouldn't advise it!

I'm now sharing all the lessons learnt and all the systems we've developed so passionate cooks can run their own amazing cookery classes, work around family life and make amazing money... without the stress of starting from scratch!

I have spent a lot of time developing the business into a franchisable model that offers a huge amount of support. If running your own business seems scary this is where a franchise excels - it takes away all the scary bits! I love the expression about franchising that it 'is being in business for yourself but not by yourself'.

Franchising is the best of both worlds - the freedom to have a career that works for you (and works around your life) whilst being told exactly precisely how to achieve it! I have found a winning formula with our classes and parties and I am sharing the opportunity nationwide for the right people to join us.

It is not by accident that we have 20 classes running over a small area (parts of Cardiff and the vale), we work with schools, we have taught 1000's of children, we are inundated with hosting parties and we have waiting lists....people LOVE what we do!

To give you an idea of the success that can be achieved with running a Cook Stars franchise: Franchisee Tracy only started with us in September and now has 11 classes running, hosts parties most weekend, she is working with community events, is teaching adults with autism how to cook and has even been nominated for a franchisee award!

Our franchise model works! Tracy has a job she loves, a job that fits around her family life and earns fantastic money whilst doing it! You can check her out here: https://www.facebook.com/cookstarscardiff

So what has this got to do with you? Possibly nothing or possibly everything! If you want to learn more about a Cook Stars franchise then get in touch. We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate people who love cooking. If this sounds like you, contact us enquiries@cookstars.co.uk and we'll send you our franchise booklet which will tell you more. Or feel free to give us a call, we'd love to hear from you.

I do know that Sunday feeling, I used to work in a job I HATED - but there is another way. Maybe this franchise isn't the opportunity for you, but there will be something fulfilling out there for you if you dare to look and leap. Good luck.
Cathy x