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Myself & Alfie love our weekly Cook Stars class. It is a friendly and relaxed environment where you can spend some time having fun and cooking together. The recipes are really yummy and it also introduces Alfie to some new foods that he may not have tried before. The fact that your own kitchen stays nice & clean is a bonus!

The food is always delicious and because Dylan wants to try what he cooks he finds lots of new foods he likes.

Although we do baking and pizza making together at home, she's had the opportunity to make a wide variety of dishes from cannelloni and rough puff veggie pasties to biscuits and delicious fruit crumbles. There's never very much left for me to sample!

My daughter thoroughly enjoys the cookery classes. She particularly enjoys weighing out the ingredients herself and is keen to try out new foods. She also loves the craft activities that we do whilst the food is cooking such as making a chef's hat and a personalised Mother's Day gift out of salt dough.

Ethan has learnt many skills which I simply hadn't thought to let him try at home. We are provided with beautiful recipe cards so we can make our favourite things at home.

Cook Stars is a fantastic and unique activity. All the children are engaged in the class and are helped to explore different recipes. Children feel very welcome in classes and there is s a relaxing atmosphere for parents. Both of us feel very welcome at classes and have so much fun.

Lizzie loves getting her hands dirty at Cook Stars whilst mixing all the ingredients together. She loves 'sampling' what's in her mixing bowl as she goes along, and I love sampling the finished treat at the end of the class!! Lizzie learns how to be a proper little cook... She even gets to do a fun craft activity while her creation is being cooked...

I love watching my daughter's cooking skills and food knowledge develop from week to week, it is lovely to see her so immersed in the class and doing it all by herself (with the ever helpful Chef Cathy close by!). She is learning new recipes all the time and to see her face light up when we take her finished cooking back home to Mum to try, is a very proud moment for me every time!

Our 6 year-old daughter loves coming to the classes. After each class she is filled with pride as she tells us all about how she made the dish she's brought home and we can all taste it together. Cooking in such a relaxed environment with other children means she is developing her social skills as well as learning about different foods that she might not have tried at home.

Millie thoroughly enjoys coming to her cookery class. It is lovely to spend time with her individually within a group setting. Her finished articles aren't always as planned but she enjoys eating them and she is very proud when other members of our family praise her on her cooking prowess!

It's official, Cathy and her team are amazing! We recently had a party for my daughter's 5th birthday and it was somewhat challenging for Cathy! The ovens at the venue broke less than a week before the party and Cathy worked to find a solution and pulled it out of the bag in style! The children loved every minute of weighing their own ingredients, baking their own cakes and decorating them. The novel Smarties cookie mixture party bags also went down a storm. A brilliant company who were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them.

Fantastic birthday party organised for my 4 year old! The children were kept entertained at all times and Cathy & the team were brilliant! Something completely different.

Recently been to a cooking party and my daughter thought it was fantastic! Very professional looking brand and lovely ideas to go with the party- chefs hats, edible necklaces, colouring papers etc. well done!