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Franchise Work/Life Balance

Franchise The career you want, the support you need.

The Cook Stars franchise is the perfect home business opportunity. Our award winning franchise formula gives you the opportunity to take control of your work life balance. The children that come along to the classes love it. The children who have Cook Stars parties love them. The parents whose children come along love it. People who run our classes love it. This is why it's successful!

We understand that no two people have the same weekly schedule - that's why our franchise system is flexible to fit around you, your lifestyle and your aspirations. You can work full-time, part-time, term time only, on weekends...or not! It's up to you - you are the boss!

Our proven franchise model works. We have taken the hard part of getting a business up and running. During our first year of setting up the business, there was lots of trial and error. Some things worked, and some things didn't: where to distribute leaflets, where to run classes, how to approach venues, what to charge, what to cook, how to keep children engaged, how to fill classes, what makes a good party, how to add additional income, how to approach schools and organisations, how to help schools secure grants, what leaflets were needed, who could design the artwork, where could we get things printed, what was a fair price - the list is literally endless! Some of these came quickly and easily, and others didn't and ended up costing a lot of money and taking up endless time.

That's what's great about our franchise formula - if you haven't got time and money to burn, you can skip that bit and get straight on with the fun bits!

We are there to support you every step of the way through setting up your franchise, from initial point of contact, discovery days (remove), training sessions, comprehensive process manuals, marketing support we will hold your hand along every step of the business.

We will work with you to decide whether a Cook Stars is the right opportunity for you and your lifestyle, before there's any commitment.

So get in touch now to find out how a Cook Stars franchise can put you in control of your life...

“With a bit of hard work, the support I receive and determination to succeed, I can quite happily say my franchise is flourishing and growing.”

Tracy, Cook Stars Cardiff Franchisee